We do not offer a quilting service. There are may quilters in New Zealand to entrust your valuable quilt with. At this point in time I am not one of them.

What are pluses when using Wide Backing Fabrics?

Using wide backing fabrics means there are no joins on the back of your quilt, which makes for a nicer look, and saves time. Depending on the fabric you choose, it can be a cheaper option. We have such a large range of Wide Backing Fabric there are usually many suitable fabric options for your quilt.

How much bigger than my quilt top do my backing and batting need to be?

At least three inches all around

What sort of batting should I choose?

The type of batting you should choose depends on the purpose of your quilt, the look or finish you would like your quilt to have eg. Puffy or Flat, and whether you would like your quilt to be high or low maintenance to care for (washing wise). It also depends on the type of quilting you would like done, the size of your quilt, and also the amount you would like to spend.

We offer you informed choices on different types of batting. Check out our batting page for more information on our full range and different uses.